#16 of Plumbbob City: Simsworth Abbey (3x3)

Name: Simsworth Abbey
Price: $114,298
Description: It’s a cloistered place for your monks and nuns, though you may use it for your average Sim family. There are eight beds, one bathroom, a lot of study objects (great for your Knowledge Sims who want to pursue the monastic life and spiritual goodness), a garden in the courtyard, and a chapel for prayer and reflection. Land is built on a 3x3 completely flat plot. All expansion packs and stuff packs required.

#22 of Plumbbob City: Our Lady of Charity (4x3 Lot)


A long time ago, there was a devout woman named Martha who risked her own life while trying to extinguish a fire that trapped some schoolchildren. The schoolchildren were saved, but Martha became injured by the fire and eventually died. For her altruistic fervor, the Church decided to beatify her as a saint, a protectress of infants. To this day, Sims from all walks of life go on a pilgrimage to visit this blessed saint’s shrine and pay respects to her for the welfare of all the children in the world.

This lot has a big church building at the center, a couple of pine trees and flora, and a shrine dedicated to the saint that can also be used as a Sunday school building because of its bookcases. The church building includes a narthex (that goes up to the balcony), a nave (where the congregation sits), a sanctuary (the holiest part of the church), a wedding reception room in one sachristy, and a dressing room in the other sachristy. 

Note: The shrine is located in the tiny building outside the church. The statue of the Gray Woman of SimCity stands behind the glass window.

Download Our Lady of Charity

Anonymous asked:

The finished product is most likely going to require all expansion packs, but not necessarily all stuff packs, as required stuff packs will just not show up on some people's lots due to not having that stuff pack installed. I think publishing the game compatibility information is very important; otherwise, the lots wouldn't be able to load properly or at all. This community should have also thought of making a clean lot requirement, because gravestones are not supposed to be left on lots.

Gravestones are not supposed to be left on lots one wants to upload/put in the family bin. All gravestones in Tumbleton will be made in-game - by creating sims, moving them onto the lot, then killing them. No gravestons or sims will be put into the bin.

And we do have clean lot requirements, which are sent directly to any user that volunteers to build a lot, to make sure that they read it.

Lot #14

A small apartment lot with three nearly identical apartments. I say nearly identical because the third one doesn’t have a closet. It is CC free and I have all EPs and SPs, so chances are I used stuff from them. It’s packaged as a residential lot for ease, but it’s super easy to change it to an apartment.

It’s unfurnished and the name is just Plumbob City Apartments, so feel free to change the name of it. :) The rent is around 500 simoleans.


Anonymous asked:

What's the progress looking like at the moment? Is there anymore left to be done?

You can see on the available lots list which claimed lots have yet to be built. There aren’t too many, but we’ve been getting much less submissions lately, so it’s taking a long time.

There’s also two 1x3 lots in Plumbbob city that are available.


My first lot makeover for Tumbleton! :)

It’s originally built by slyndseysims for simscommunityproject, and you can get the original, no-CC version here. I seriously loved the lot (and all of the other lots I had the chance to see over there), so I didn’t change much; just added some CC I like, recolored walls and some furniture… 

Basically, I adjusted the lot to my own game aesthetics, something I’m planning on doing with other lots as well when I give them makeovers.

The lot is called Enigma Restaurant (obviously, a community lot) and is placed in the Plumbob City district. I imagine it to be one of those elite places with a bit more expensive meals and with a rather exclusive clientele.

About assigned lots!

All lots are assigned now! However, a lot of assignments are over 3 weeks old, and we haven’t heard from the people who said would build for them since they asked for it.

If you placed dibs on a lot and are no longer interested, please let us know, so we can release it for other builders. If you do intend on finishing your assignments, please let us know, too, so you don’t get kicked out of the list. If you forgot about placing an assignment, you can look for your username on the Available Lots lists.

45 Crystal Hills

*All photos were taken with in-game camera, unedited and on medium quality. Because I fail >.<

45 Crystal Hills is a tall but cozy residential lot, made with dark woods and creams. This home is perfectly suitable for a retiring couple and a large pet; with a large master bedroom and small bathroom, and a small arts & crafts room for a grandparent who wishes to sew or potter away. Should you wish to move in a young couple instead, there’s plenty of room for expansion above the kitchen. The house as it stands has 1 bed and 1 bath. 

Download @ Mediafire