Lot #17 - Wicked Jack’s Magic Shop

"Ran out of reagents? Need a new Cristal ball? Your familiars drank all your magically spiced sugar? The Cow Plant ate your Wand? Can’t find your spell book? or you just need to convert that annoying neighbour in … something? Don’t worry! the Wicked Jack’s Magic Shop is here to help you!"

1x1 community lot. CC-free. Needs all EPs &SPs. 


Ground Floor: The Shop

First Floor: The Witch/Warlock Studio

Second Floor: … guess…

Lot #42 - The Palm Casino

"The Grand Palm Restaurant and Casino, known as The Palm, is the premier spot for high rolling fun.  Try your luck at the card tables and sample from a menu created by our master chefs. Then relax by the pristine swimming pool or have a tropical cocktail in the Tiki Bar. You’re guaranteed to win!"

4x3 community lot. No CC. Built with the Ultimate Collection (all EPs) and packaged using Clean Installer. (click to see more after the download link)


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Lot #62: Rest In Petals

3x1, $41,884

Situated next to the city cemetary, the Rest In Petals flower shop has been enjoying a steady flow of clients since its opening in 1927. While mourners have always been its daily bread, it offers a variety of potted plants and seeds to decorate the houses of the living, too. Ask our employees for gardening tips!


Flat edges, playtested both as a visited lot and an owned lot. You might want to lock the door to the workshop, or otherwise all the visitors will crowd there.

There are some craftable flowers on the shelves (no snapdragons); you can put them up for sale, but to restock, you will have to craft more.

More pics:

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Lot #48: The Darling Academy of Fine Arts

"The Darling Academy of Fine Arts was originally established by socialite Eugenia Darling as a private school that catered to the most talented (and wealthiest) Sims. For decades the Academy saw many affluent Sims grace its halls, several of which would go onto great fame. The most notable alumnus was of course famed philanthropist and puppeteer Robert Crumplebottom. However, when the sole heir to the Darling dynasty tragically drowned on his honeymoon, ownership of the Academy passed to the city council and it was eventually auctioned off. It was acquired by Landgraab & Associates and was soon open again to the public as a (mostly) free venue where young and old alike can explore the fine arts, enjoy concerts in the theater, and stroll around the historical grounds."

This is a 3x3 community lot. No CC; all Maxis. Built with the Ultimate Collection (i.e. every EP and SP). I packaged it using the Clean Installer, so you shouldn’t have any problems other than stuff missing from EPs you don’t have.

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Anonymous asked:

Thank you for uploading the lots of those whose accounts are now gone! It is greatly appreciated as I would go crazy not being able to have the FULL city once it's ready.

No problem!

Well, all the buildings are going to be in the final release either way! But it’s always good to have a choice to download stuff separately. Especially since all these lots are beautiful!


I’ve been kind of iffy on reuploding other people’s creations, but we’ve been steadily getting requests for some of them (especially Gorilla Burger), so I caved in and put them all up on Box. You can find descriptions and pictures under #link deleted. We’ll try to do the same with missing sims soon.


Most of them seem to belong to creators who deleted their blogs or are otherwise no longer active; but if you see a building you made on that list and wish to reupload it yourself, send us a fanmail with a new link to put in the original post, and the reupload will be removed from the folder!

If you spot any more buildings with inactive links, let us know!

Lot #71: Charmed Farmhouse

2x2 lot, $28,489, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Previously owned by a sweet but reclusive old lady, it’s been standing empty since her mysterious disappearance several months ago. It’s a tiny and rather rustic house, big enough for just one sim, with three apple trees in the backyard (though only one mature enough to give fruit), and a tool shed that is probably full of gardening equipment. What else could people store in a tool shed? Nothing mysterious, that’s for sure.

No cc, flat edges, playtested. The old version had the shed on ground level, which caused sims to go to its door to ring the doorbell; I raised the shed off the ground, and now sims will go to the proper front door.

Warning: there is no ladybug house on the lot, and the damn apple tree will get infested INSTANTLY.


More pictures:

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I am new to the comunity and I just now see this awesome project! I was wondering if you'll make a list for Tumbleton University lots (it was mentioned in post /image/44091892857)? I would love to do them! Also, just a brief clarification: Plumbob City is Downtown, Summerset is Seaside Town, Swynbridge is Mountain Village and Crystal Hills is actual Tumbleton?

We’ll think about the University hood once we’re done with the main hood. :) And no - all four districts are on the main map, they’re just divided into different “zones” - Plumbbob City is mainly Offices and clubs, Crystal Hills is mostly residential, etc.

#16 of Plumbbob City: Simsworth Abbey (3x3)

Name: Simsworth Abbey
Price: $114,298
Description: It’s a cloistered place for your monks and nuns, though you may use it for your average Sim family. There are eight beds, one bathroom, a lot of study objects (great for your Knowledge Sims who want to pursue the monastic life and spiritual goodness), a garden in the courtyard, and a chapel for prayer and reflection. Land is built on a 3x3 completely flat plot. All expansion packs and stuff packs required.

#22 of Plumbbob City: Our Lady of Charity (4x3 Lot)


A long time ago, there was a devout woman named Martha who risked her own life while trying to extinguish a fire that trapped some schoolchildren. The schoolchildren were saved, but Martha became injured by the fire and eventually died. For her altruistic fervor, the Church decided to beatify her as a saint, a protectress of infants. To this day, Sims from all walks of life go on a pilgrimage to visit this blessed saint’s shrine and pay respects to her for the welfare of all the children in the world.

This lot has a big church building at the center, a couple of pine trees and flora, and a shrine dedicated to the saint that can also be used as a Sunday school building because of its bookcases. The church building includes a narthex (that goes up to the balcony), a nave (where the congregation sits), a sanctuary (the holiest part of the church), a wedding reception room in one sachristy, and a dressing room in the other sachristy. 

Note: The shrine is located in the tiny building outside the church. The statue of the Gray Woman of SimCity stands behind the glass window.

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