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I know you've answered this question before, but I cannot find it.. (how do you tag answered questions?) how on earth do you make a downloaded Sim into an NPC of your choice? (you don't have to answer this again... but linking to the previous question would be very helpful) BTW, this project is awesome!

Here it is! 

We don’t have a shared tag for asks, though now that you’ve mentioned it, it might be a good idea to fix that.


Did the Tumbleton Blind Date Challenge! And well, the third pregnancy was triplets (I have the random version of the trips and quads hack, oops). I hope that’s okay? Anyway!

Mother: Tess Ness by thesimsgates

Father: Bane LaGree by clericalrodent

And from top to bottom we have Scott, Otto, Norton, Arya, and Nora. I like Nora the best, I think. She’s a really interesting mix of her parents, and I think she’s very pretty. 


So I did the Tumbleton Blind Date yay! I got America Valdez by yanderplumsim and Trevor Doyle by mikexx2 and holy smokes CUTE BABIES! I got Amy, Broderick and Clarice. I wish there was a little more genetic variation (I wanted blonde hair and green eyes) but they are super cute and I bet they would also make more cute babies. I’m going to pull them out of my pics n fun hood and put them in my regular hood as townies. :)


Well idk, idk. Decided to do a thing! By which I mean the Tumbleton Blind Date 1st Edition. Does it even count, considering I have default replacements for skin, faces, and eyes?

Pardon my, you know.. crappy photo skills and laziness and non-high graphics, my computer would explode. I thought it would be nice to show them with and without makeup.

I rolled Bebe Flaym by remisims and Trevor Doyle by mikexx2

They had Sophia, followed by twins Sahara and Sandra. None got Bebe’s grey eyes, sadly.

It was close, between Sophia and Sandra, but Sandra won out as my favorite in the end. She has the cutest nose of the bunch.

( I just used the tombstone for pregnancy and aging because I have 2x lifespan installed and I was too lazy to take it out and also too lazy to actually play. =w= )


Tumbleton Blind Date entry #1

Client 95, Sydney Carmichael: “oh god voodoo guy is gonna get me killed 0/10 would not recommend”

Client 104, Yoshi Parker: “I almost got ran over by an ice cream truck on my way to the meeting point.”

Sydney was made by mikexx2, and Yoshi is one of my own sims! I thought it was cute how I rolled two waiters. You never know if romance isn’t waiting for you behind the nearest corner, huh? (with matching TOs, they had two bolts, too!)

All the kids but one were Yoshi’s clones, so Sean over here wins by default. I don’t know how that nose happened, but I love it.


My entry for the Tumbleton Blind Date Challenge:

I rolled Jerry James Joseph and Douglas Fir. Obviously their relationship got started as a steamy below-stairs romance in one of Tumbleton’s manor homes - skiving off work to make-out behind rose bushes and in the kitchen pantry. Very romantic.

And somehow they ended up married with three kids: Ambrose, Melanie, and my personal favorite, the adorable Evelyn.

Mod note: descriptions!

We are trying to add descriptions to all sims and community lots that are missing one. If you submitted something without anything we could put in the description box, you can send us somehting at any later point before Tumbleton’s release!

If you don’t feel like writing, You can also just leve us pointers, such as “this sim is a sporty tomboy”, or “this pizza joint is haunted”. We will replace our own descriptions with those sent by the lot/sim’s author at any time.

Unless, of course, you’re curious what we might come up for your creation, in which case you’re going to have another surprise to await in Tumbleton. ;)

Due to the large amount of uncaptioned entries, we won’t be bothering people individually. If you prefer to write a description yourself, let us know; otherwise we’ll assume you’re alright with us writing it.


I figured I’d give the Tumbleton Blind Date Challenge from The Sims Community Project a try. The randomiser gave me #26 Dennis Dunfey (by lookthroughneweyes) and #103 Willa Berger (by budgie2budgie). They had 3 kids- Vincent, Della, and Jennie- and I picked Della as my favorite. Her original name was Daisy, but as an adult she seriously reminded me of the singer Adele so it got changed to Della. 

Crystal Hills Lot 47 - Crystal Hills Gym and Spa Club

Crystal Hills Gym and Spa Club is my entry for SCP and I’m pretty proud of it. I used to think I needed CC to make something look half way decent but I must say, I did a bang up job! I plan on definitely using this in my own game without a makeover.

Lot 47 - 2x3 Community Lot

An exclusive gym and spa club that caters to sims who like a little luxury with their sweat.

Download Here